Because we believe Yeti Academy should give students the most accurate digital citizen experience, we give the opportunity to offer an Acceptable Use Policy. This message will appear on every student's initial login, and by default contain a list of guidelines that a student must agree to abide by before they can start using the program. You can set this to either be the default policy, or you can customize it for your school.

To customize or view your school's AUP, select your Settings tab from your Dashboard.

Now, select the AUP tab.

From here, you can see the list of acceptable use policies to apply for your students. By default, the Yeti AUP will be selected and your students will see that message whenever they log in. Select the View button by any item on the list in order to read any policy on your list. To create your own, select +Create School AUP

Now, you will be taken to a rich text editor that will allow you to write and title your new AUP. When you're finished, select Create.

Now, your new AUP will be on the list of policies. You can select the pen and paper icon to edit it, or the trash can to delete it.

To make sure this is the AUP that comes to your students upon their initial login, select your custom AUP's title from the drop-down list. Then, select Update for Students.

When your students log in natively to your Yeti home page with their username and password, they will now see the AUP you have created.

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