2020 marked a time of change in many ways, education being at the very center of change. Without any warning, teachers were thrust into the role of curriculum designers. Lessons that had been used successfully in the classroom were no longer relevant, and a scramble to modify materials and resources ensued.

Change is hard for everyone, and although some embraced the shift to online learning more than others, it has become commonplace in our world. Yeti Academy understands the demand for not only the curriculum developed by our team, but also the need for teachers to put our favorite trusted and true classroom activities into a proven and appealing online format.

Custom Curriculum gives teachers the tools to work as curriculum designers, producing impressive online resources that students can use immediately. The format of the lessons is familiar to Yeti Academy students and teachers, and echoes the 7E format utilized by our own curriculum design team. Teachers can use the 7E format to create engaging online lessons for students, including any or all of the components below in any arrangement you wish:

ENGAGE: Warm-up activities that cultivate interest, introduce new ideas, or solidify understanding of previous concepts. The ability to add videos, links, photos, varied answering options, and more, makes turning in work easy.

EXPLAIN: Succinct portions of text allowing students to get the facts. May include a summary, vocabulary glossary, and “Another Look” questions. Add pictures, graphics, graphs, and more to make your reading lessons intriguing.

EMPOWER: An easy to add, straightforward, multiple choice configuration that is transformed by our developers into the competitive game-style format that students love. Similarly, vocabulary words and main ideas are automatically transformed into the familiar digital flashcard design that students can use throughout the lesson.

ELABORATE: Utilized by the Yeti design team for creating hands-on labs, innovations, or group activities that bring a practical approach to understanding challenging concepts and ideas. Step by step instructions can easily be added to the Elaborate template or any modality where directions or information is needed.

EVALUATE: The graded, self-assessments for students are easy to add with a multiple choice format, and are transformed by our developers into the customary Yeti Academy style.

EXPLORE: Early-finishers can enjoy articles, videos, career connections, and real-world applications with dynamic appeal. As simple as adding descriptions and links to the engaging resources you wish to include.

ENRICH : Utilized by the Yeti Curriculum Design team for project-based and hands-on opportunities. These optional activities can include video links, images, and step by step instructions.

Imagined by you, and brought to life by the Yeti Academy development team, your Custom Curriculum can shine in our recognizable configuration. Dazzle your students as your old ideas and materials come to life in our exciting, online platform! Let’s get started!

Making Your Custom Curriculum

As a standalone single school administrator, you can create the custom curriculum to craft your own curriculum. To do this, go to the Curriculum tab from your dashboard.

Now, scroll all the way down and select Custom Curriculum. Click the blue +Curriculum button.

Here, you'll see the form to create your custom curriculum.

Title: The name of your curriculum.
Details: The description of your curriculum.
Grade Level: The grade levels of students who will have the curriculum (i.e, from 1st grade to 12th grade)
Type: Curriculum for your classrooms, or for the entire school. Teachers can only create curriculums for their classrooms.
Learning Framework: 7E, 5E or Custom.

You can choose from 3 formats: 5E, 7E, and Custom.

7E: If you choose the 7E curriculum, you will have tabs that will denote the learning objectives of all 7 of the E's.
5E: If you choose the 5E curriculum, you will have tabs that will denote the learning objectives of 5 of the E's - including Elaborate, Engage, Evaluate, Explain, and Explore.
Custom: You will have no E's, but you will choose the names of your tabs.

Once you've created your curriculum, you'll see it appear under your curriculums. Select the 3 dots to edit the title/description or delete your curriculum. To customize the lessons, select the 0 Lessons button.

Here, we'll start creating units for your lessons. To create a unit, select the blue + Custom Unit button. You'll then be asked to title it. When you're finished, hit Create.

When you've created your unit, select the title of your unit.

There's a lot to see on this page, so let's go over all of our options:

Teacher Resources: This is where you'll enter in any information you may need for this curriculum. It's also a good place for any notes you may want to make for yourself.
Standards: If you wish to include them, this is where you can credit the standards your curriculum meets - for example, it may meet ISTE educational standards. If so, this is the place to write that down.

To add lessons, select the blue +Custom Lesson button.

Now, you can add a lesson the same way you've added a unit. Title your lesson and select Create when you've finished.

To edit your lesson, select the View button.

Here, you'll be taken to a rich text editor where you can, depending on the model you've chosen, create your lessons.

Assigning The Lessons

Now, you'll want to assign the curriculum to your students. To do this, select the Classes tab on your dashboard.

Select the classroom you'd like to assign your new curriculum to in order to access it.

Then, select the checkbox(es) next to all students in that classroom who you'd like to have the curriculum. When you're finished, select the curriculum you've created from the drop-down menu. When you've got it, hit Assign.

Now, when one of your students log in, they'll see the curriculum, and be able to type in those new lessons.

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