Sports PR Agency is a curriculum that will emphasize the importance of conduct and security. Using the model of a public relations agency, students will learn just how important it is to act ethically online, keep themselves safe from cyber threats and most importantly, balance their mental health with their digital citizenship. This curriculum uses the following elements of ISTE standards:

ENGAGE: Warm-up activities that cultivate interest, introduce new ideas, or solidify understanding of previous concepts.
EXPLAIN: A succinct portion of text that is perfect for students to get the facts. It includes a summary, vocabulary glossary, and “Another Look” questions.
EMPOWER: Summary ideas and vocabulary are stressed through a timed quiz game format. Digital flashcards give students a chance to practice before diving into the quiz, or at any time throughout the lesson.
ELABORATE: Often a hands-on, lab, innovation, or group activity that brings a practical approach to understanding challenging concepts and ideas.
EVALUATE: A graded self-assessment that students can take to gauge their level of understanding of the current lesson.
EXPLORE: Perfect for early-finishers with articles, videos, and career connections, it helps foster deeper connections and real-world applications surrounding the topic.
ENRICH: Features a project-based and hands-on approach with greater opportunities for Science and Engineering practices. These activities are perfect for enrichment and can be made optional for those students needing extra practice and review time.

This curriculum is very hands-on and intended for an in-classroom experience. Students will be given packets that you can find in your Teacher Resources, print and administer to your classroom accordingly. Additionally, they will learn to use Google services such as Docs, Slides and Drawings.

This curriculum is guided by instructional videos, instructions for in classroom activities, quizzes, flashcards and as well as written responses which will be graded by the teacher. Students will access Sports PR Agency by clicking the icon on their interface containing the basketball.

Please be exceptionally mindful that this curriculum is very hands-on. Pacing can easily be adapted based on the preferences of the classroom or computer teacher and time restraints of the class. The Sports PR Agency curriculum is divided into nine units, each covering an estimated three days of classroom work. Although most assignments are written for individual completion, the course is structured for an interactive classroom to facilitate greater student communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.

How To Enable Sports PR Agency For A Student or Group of Students

First, go to your Classes tab on the left-hand side of your Dashboard.

Then, select the classroom you'd like to adjust the settings for.

Then, you'll want to go to your Students tab.

From your student roster, you can assign Sports PR Agency to individual or multiple students. To do this, select the checkboxes next to the name or names of your students you'd like to have a certain curriculum. Then, from the drop-down menu at the top, select Sports PR Agency . Then, select Assign.

Now, you'll see the selected students have the Sports PR Agency curriculum assigned to them!

How to Grade Sports PR Agency Assignments

You can grade the online assignments that your students turn in by clicking on the "Graded and Ungraded" notification that will appear right on your dashboard, which will take you to your Gradebook.

From your Gradebook, select the Digital Literacy tab, then choose Sports PR Agency from the drop-down menu.

Based on the type of assessment you are grading, make sure you check the tab for the lesson type you are looking for: Graded Assessment, Quiz Game, or Comment. You can also select Mark As Done to view all pending submissions.

You can hit the View button to view the students' submission, and then select the yellow check mark to mark it as complete.
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