Whether class is online, in person, or a hybrid of both, teamwork is a important. It teaches cooperation, negotiation, and social competency. Teamwork enables students to offer their ideas and come to conclusions together. Students not only learn by working through the team project, but they also learn by explaining their thought processes and reasoning to other students who may think differently. Yeti Academy recognizes this and offers students the unique ability to work in Teams through our platform.

Creating Teams

To create your classroom's teams, select the Classes tab on the left hand side of your dashboard.

From here, select the classroom name you'd like to enable teams for.

Then, select the Teams tab.

Here is where you'll create your teams. To do this, select the blue + Teams button.

Then, you'll want to name your team. When you're finished, hit Create.

You can create as many teams as you'd like.

Once you've created all your teams, you can assign students to them. To do this, select the + Team Members button within your team.

Now, you can search and add students to your team. When you're finished, hit Assign. You can always go back and add more team members, as well as remove them.

As you can see, you've now created your teams! Here, you can also view the first and last names, the last date and time logged in, the number of experience points, and date joined the team of each student.

Managing Your Teams

In order to fully embrace the team spirit, you'll want to familiarize yourself with all the cool things you can do now that you've got everyone grouped up.

Adding and Subtracting Points

To add and subtract points from your classroom, you'll want to hit the + or - buttons respectively within the team you'd like to alter points for.

Now, you can enter in the number of points to add or subtract.

Removing Team Members

To remove a student from a team, you can press the red x button next to their name under their team.

Editing or Deleting A Team

To edit the name of your team, select the pencil icon. To delete your team, select the trash icon.

What Students See

As long as they are able to view the leaderboard, a student can view how many points their classroom's teams have.

On a student's interface, they will click the Crown Icon to view their Leaderboard.

Then, they can view their teams on the left hand side.

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